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GST Vs Mersal

Why do these politicians always have to gain popularity by commenting about the movie. I am referring to the TamilIsai’s comment about Mersal movie. What is the big deal about Vijay talking about GST in that movie. He just said that for medical products they are charging 28% GST but they are not giving free medical service to the people. …

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Jilla – Movie review

ஜில்லா ஜில்லா ஜில்லா இவன் எங்கும் செல்வான் தில்லா….This is the humming and the theme music that you can hear throughout the movie. The movie is around the son and a father relationship. The son being Vijay and the father is Mohanlal. Mohanlal is the don in Madurai region. Vijay is the adopted son of Mohanlal. He starts following his father and …

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Thuppakki – Review

Thuppakki is the recent Vijay film that has been released for Diwali. The much expected film among the Vijay fans because it has been directed by Murugadoss. This movie is about an army man fighting terrorism. This movie targets one type of people are part of terrorism called sleeping cells. He makes sure that the main people who trigger these …

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Last week–Nov 3

Last week i happened to watch the new JosAlukas advertisement of Actor Vijay. It is not the usual Jewellery advertisement with some girls/women wearing lots of jewels. The advertisement is about one a son and mother relationship and how mother’s jewels capture the attention of the children. It was really touchy. Children will always carry the sentiment about their mothers …

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Nanban – Review

Aamir’s movie “3 Idiots” was based on the Chetan Bhagat’s novel “Five Point Someone”. The original movie was the hit of the year. It was dubbed in multiple international languages but south Indians wanted the movie in their flavour and hence we have the movie “Nanban”. Nothing has changed in the movie except the names that has been customized for …

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