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Time Management Tips

This blog has 25 different time management tips. All the tips are collated in this page for easy reference.

  1. Be Organized
  2. Prepare To-do List
  3. Read Emails
  4. Don’t Multitask
  5. Dare to be Slow
  6. Organize your to-do list every day!
  7. Log your activities
  8. Identify your deadlines
  9. Delegate
  10. Do not forget personal and social activities
  11. Identify your Priorities
  12. Focus
  13. Plan for un-predictable
  14. Say ‘No’
  15. Compromise
  16. Ban Instant Messaging
  17. Be realistic
  18. Sleep well
  19. Get Motivated
  20. In-between Time
  21. Take a break when needed
  22. Check your mail on a schedule
  23. Motivate yourself
  24. Don’t be a perfectionist
  25. Work Environment



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